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With international competition and collaboration between universities growing apace, it has never been more important for higher education managers, researchers, scholars and public officials to keep abreast of developments in their field and in rival and partner institutions worldwide. University World News is the first high-quality truly international newspaper and website, dedicated to providing such coverage. Supported by some of the world’s most experienced education journalists, and aimed at higher education readers worldwide, it is offering a weekly emailed newspaper plus access to a dedicated news website – free of charge.

Who we are

University World News comprises a network of some five dozen education journalists based in more than two dozen countries, with representation in all regions. Our journalists are respected senior reporters who have been prolifically published in international and national newspapers and magazines.

University World News is the first publication of Higher Education Web Publishing Ltd, with its registered office in London, but is produced and managed by staff working in Durban, London, Melbourne, Montreal and Copenhagen.

The newspaper reserves the right to cut or alter articles. Our newspaper is free

Each week University World News provides readers with a free emailed newspaper and updated website. Coverage from our correspondents around the world includes news reports, analysis, features, global round-ups on key issues, plus links to interesting stories from other leading newspapers and journals around the world.

We offer a far wider range of higher education stories than is currently possible from a single publication, and to provide a truly international perspective to an international readership – just the kind of resource that a busy academic, manager, researcher or policy-maker needs to keep abreast of the field globally.

University World News journalists report on the whole gamut of higher education from top world-ranking universities to institutions in more marginalised parts of the globe where universities are not strongly reported, enhancing higher education communication and understanding globally. The University World News website is also a repository for information on grants, higher education research, the news releases of tertiary organisations, new jobs and other developments, as well as featuring myriad links to higher education organisations and bodies worldwide.

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PR and advertising

University World News is offering the following pay services to higher education-related organisations and institutions:

* Advertising space for organisations interested in reaching our global higher education audience.
* Low-priced higher education job, opportunities and events announcements.
* ‘PR portal’: a place where higher education stakeholders can place press releases and announcements to ensure their wide dissemination.
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Reporting service

University World News also operates as a news and reports agency, promoting the re-publication of its articles and accepting commissions to prepare reports, supplements and conference brochures on particular issues.

Chair: Brendan O'Malley
Company Secretary: Tim Homfray
Asia Director: Yojana Sharma
Head of External Relations: Sunita Gordon
Business Development Director: Lucy Haire

Professor Nico Cloete, Chair
Professor Teboho Moja
Professor Goolam Mohamedbhai
Bruno van Dyk
Dr Bhekinkosi Moyo
Karen MacGregor
Sharon Dell: UWN Africa Director

Regional editors:
Africa: Sharon Dell
Asia: Yojana Sharma
Europe and the Middle East: Brendan O'Malley

Section editors
Commentary: Mandy Garner
Photo Editor: Karen MacGregor
World Round-up: Sharon Dell
Events: Jane Marshall

FOUNDING EDITORS: Geoff Maslen and Karen MacGregor

Production team
Chief Sub-editor: Michelle Paterson
Production Editor: Michelle Paterson
Website: Brendan O'Malley, Dane Wilson
Reader comments: David Jobbins


Algeria: Azzeddine Bensouia
Egypt: Ashraf Khaled
Francophone Africa: Jane Marshall
Ghana: Francis Kokutse
Kenya: Gilbert Nganga, Wachira Kigotho, Reuben Kyama, Maina Waruru, Christabel Ligami, Gilbert Nakweya
Malawi: Kudzai Mashininga, Joy Ndovi
Nigeria: Tunde Fatunde, Jackie Opara, Alex Abutu
North Africa: Wagdy Sawahel
Rwanda: Rodrigue Rwirahira
South Africa: Sharon Dell, Nicola Jenvey, Karen MacGregor, Munyaradzi Makoni, Edwin Naidu, Sungula Nkabinde, Stephen Coan
Tanzania: Esther Nakkazi
Uganda: Esther Nakkazi, John Agaba
Zambia: Kudzai Mashininga
Zimbabwe: Kudzai Mashininga, Tonderayi Mukeredzi

Brazil: Tom Hennigan
Canada: Nathan Greenfield
Chile: María Elena Hurtado
Costa Rica: Chrissie Long
United States: Mary Beth Marklein, Alison Moodie

Asia/China: Yojana Sharma
Afghanistan: Shadi Khan Saif
Bangladesh: Mushfique Wadud
Hong Kong/Taiwan: Mimi Leung
India: Ranjit Devraj, Shuriah Niazi
Indonesia: Ria Nurdiani
Japan: Suvendrini Kakuchi
Pakistan: Ameen Amjad Khan
South Korea: Aimee Chung
Sri Lanka: Dinesh De Alwis
Thailand: Suluck Lamubol

Denmark: Ard Jongsma
Eastern Europe: Bianka Siwinska
Europe: Alan Osborn, Jan Petter Myklebust
France: Jane Marshall
Germany: Michael Gardner
Greece: Makki Marseilles
Iberian Peninsula: Paul Rigg
Ireland: John Walshe
Russia: Nick Holdsworth
Scandanavia: Jan Petter Myklebust
Spain: Rebecca Warden
Turkey: Brendan O'Malley
UK: David Jobbins, Brendan O'Malley, Diane Spencer

Sarah King Head, Eileen Travers

Middle East
Egypt: Ramadan Abdulkader, Wagdy Sawahel
Eastern Mediterranean: Tabitha Morgan
Israel: Helena Flusfeder
Yemen: Ahmed Mohamoud

Australia: Geoff Maslen
New Zealand: John Gerritsen

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