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Criticism over proposal to make Quran study compulsory

Mohammad Sarwar, the governor of Punjab in Pakistan, is proposing to make studying the Quran compulsory for Muslim university students in his province’s universities, a view criticised by Hamza Arshad, a secular Muslim educator, writes Shafique Khokhar for Asia News.

The Pakistan Minorities Teachers’ Association also has issues with the proposal and has written to the governor to express the concern of religious minorities about further discrimination against non-Muslims.

Arshad told Asia News that the Punjab governor’s proposal reflects a traditional notion that more religion is a panacea for all ills. “Unfortunately, the results do not support this idea. Already we have a low standard of education. Our universities seldom produce any considerable research. Now, at time when the universities of the world are trying to discover a cure for the coronavirus, our universities are all at sea. What further good will more religion yield.”
Full report on the Asia News site

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