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Universities want to use school exam results for enrolment

With the school year ravaged by COVID-19 induced school closures across Vietnam, the all-important high school examinations are set for a slight shake-up, but universities want to stand pat, reports Vietnam News Agency.

The Ministry of Education and Training plans to use the high school graduation examination this year simply to recognise students who finish the high school’s education programme, instead of doubling up as the university entrance exam. Colleges and universities will be allowed to enrol students using their own criteria instead of solely relying on the high school graduation examination’s results as before.

However, at a meeting chaired by Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam on 27 April, representatives from colleges and universities said they still wanted to base their decisions on the high school graduation exam results, leaving this year’s crop of graduates in essentially the same boat as those in the past. The representatives said they had faith in the examination’s results, considering them an important base for making enrolment decisions.
Full report on the VietnamPlus site

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