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Ethiopia's higher education sector has been characterised by a remarkable expansion over the last 25 years. Education in general and the country’s 51 public universities in particular are among key priority sectors of public investment, attracting the highest spending allocation in this year’s federal budget. Nevertheless, the sector faces challenges, which call for new approaches.
If our universities fail to review the current curricula and policies, then they should be blamed for the high rate of unemployment that will hit our graduates.
Leaving Zambia to study at Rhodes University in South Africa was an exciting but daunting experience, but looking on the bright side of things, it opened the door to a new and fulfilling sense of belonging.
Many students take longer than is expected to complete their degrees for a variety of reasons. In many cases these students are wrongly labelled as 'lazy'. I am one such student. In this blog, I will take you through my very chequered academic career and share some reflections on what I have done, what happened and the lessons I have learned from this.
Twitter. If you had asked me about this app about six months ago, I would have described it as the pits of social media. This was a place where meanness, trolls and bullies resided – the epicentre of fake news where gossip spreads like wildfire.
When I received my admission to Uganda's Makerere University Business School for my undergraduate degree, a very high note of self-importance emerged because I was convinced my time to conquer the world had arrived.
Students should avoid becoming victims when classes are suspended due to strike action by lecturers and put their minds to picking up useful and potentially lucrative skills.
When I first arrived in South Africa from Egypt, I had a desire to study theoretical physics and become a motivational speaker. I eventually achieved my academic goal in a journey that was filled with both beauty and days of uncertainty, fear and depression. Fortunately, I had a few tools that helped me along the way.
In Zimbabwe, I grew up in a strict and religious environment where girls were given timelines on when to settle down and have a family but never encouragement to better themselves. I was happy to challenge the status quo and attain a degree.
In an era of youth unemployment, universities should be teaching soft skills, and companies should be placing less emphasis on higher education as a measure of intellectual competence and job potential.
Students are perfect targets for South Africa’s burgeoning takeaway food industry. Universities have a responsibility to educate undergraduate students on the perils of unhealthy eating choices.
Calling all students in African universities: Are you interested in writing a blog for the University World News Africa edition about some aspect of higher education and the way it affects your life? If so, please follow the steps below.
Student protest action is common on campuses around the world, including in Africa. As part of our new Student Blog series, we publish a South African student’s view on the importance of formulating your own views on issues, and taking informed action.